Our Environmental Policy

Copy Direct is proud to be Kiwi owned. As New Zealanders we feel a responsibility to protect the beautiful land we live in. Our team seeks to manage our operations so that we have a positive effect on the environment.

You can be sure that we can provide product options that satisfy the needs of our customers, confident knowing that we take all practical steps to ensure our products and services minimise the impact on the environment.

Our team is committed to helping to protect the environment:  

  • We recycle and reuse paper and ink products wherever possible

  • Staff are trained in methods designed to help protect the environment

  • Trained technicians maintain our technology to the highest efficiency standards

  • We continually invest in the latest technology that helps conserve energy

  • You can choose from an extensive range of quality environmental recycled paper stocks

  • Our work enviroment that has eco efficient lighting and insulation  

For more information on our environmentally friendly papers click here.