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Add to the lifespan of your prints by protecting them with laminate film

Lamination protects, preserves, and enhances printed images. It deepens and brightens colours, enhances contrasts, waterproofs, and protects from smudges, spills, abrasions and other routine hazards. If the print will be exposed to sunlight, laminates can slow down the fading process.

Some conventionally printed graphics have been laminated since the development of the lamination process about 40 years ago. Typically laminated items include menus, instructional materials, posters and promotional materials. Lamination allows these paper graphics to look great for months, even years after distribution, while the same pieces - without lamination - may look dirty and tattered after a few days.

To protect all sides of the print, digital images are encapsulated, which means that both sides are coated in one pass and a clear, sealed edge is created all the way around. Drop the print in a puddle on the way out to the car and it can be cleaned up as good as new. Proper encapsulation can also provide rigidity and eliminate the need for mounting. Encapsulated images can be hung as ceiling signs or attached with hook-and-loop tape to trade-show displays.

If your poster, menu or product needs protection, or you want it to last longer, then you need lamination.  We offer a high quality lamination service at a competitive rate. Laminating involves coating a hard copy print in a water- and UV-resistant plastic film. 

This service is particularly useful to those printing display posters, or who want to ensure their print will last. The correct choice is vital to ensure the job is long lasting to avoid unnecessary peeling at the edges.  Both matte and gloss options are available, in a wide variety of sizes.
The laminating options are:

Gloss Laminate
Matt Laminate


Gloss Laminate

Make those posters and prints last with a gloss laminate finish. Gloss laminate is available in weights from 76 to 250 microns (a light flexible laminate all the way through to a heavy rigid laminate). You can also write on gloss laminate with a white board marker for use in presentations.

Matt Laminate

Make those posters and prints last with a matt laminate finish. Matt laminate is available in weights from 76 to 250 microns (a light flexible laminate all the way through to a heavy rigid laminate). Matt laminating provides a flatter look to your work, as it is not reflective like gloss laminate. It's a good choice when having posters laminated.

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