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Printed Newsletters

Printed Newsletters

Newsletters for Business, Clubs and Organisations

Newsletters are publications that are distributed regularly to specific audiences like your customer or membership base. Newsletters can be used to advertise or to simply communicate new ideas and events to members. Businesses can easily connect with their stakeholders, including stockholders, customers, employees and members of society, through printed newsletters.

Newsletters for Good Communication

They are an easy source of communication. Employee newsletters can keep employees informed about new policies, products and awards. Newsletters strengthen the relationship between employees and employers, but also create and build relationships with customers. They can also be an important educational tool that includes policies and events. Newsletters establish trust with customers, showing them that they're valued. Including advertisements also makes newsletters cost effective.

Newsletters to Promote Your Product or Services

Newsletters are an important venue for advertising a company's new products and services. Newsletters explain the benefits of the product or service and the benefits of purchasing from the particular company. A newsletter encourages the customers to contact the company and simplify the sales process for your sales associates. Because the customer must give personal information to receive the newsletter, when the sales team contacts prospective customers, each customer is informed about products or services offered by the company.

Newsletters - printed newsletters come in these options below:

1. Single Sheet A4 pages stapled top left hand corner
2. Tri Fold - A4 folded to DL
3. Single Fold - A3 folded to A4
4. A5 booklet saddle stitch

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