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Perfect Binding

Pur binding-106Perfect bound the books are the perfect bind. Perfect binding using Pur refers to polyurethane, the type of glue used, which is much stronger and heat resistant than other paper based EVA glues.

Perfect bound books are made up of stacked pages. These are gathered into a book and the edges of the spine are ground off (or notched). When the book block is glued into a paper cover, the pur glue that attaches the sheets to the spine can flow into the notches or ground-off areas. The covers and book blocks are then trimmed flush.

Perfect bound books are square at the spine and use glue to hold the pages, like a paperback book. It gives your books a more professional feel. It can accommodate a page count up to 640 pages (320 leaves 80gsm).

Lay-flat - PUR glue is more flexible than EVA glue and provides lay flat qualities when the book is opened. It is ideal for music books and cookbooks, which are read on the desk, and two-page spread such as photo books. This lay-flat quality makes it easy to read books and extends the book life.

Pur binding 2-551High Binding Strength and Durability - The binding strength is about three times stronger than the EVA glue. Coated paper or specialty stocks, which can be be a problem with EVA, are bound securely in PUR bound books. EVA glue binding strength becomes weaker over time. However, the PUR glue retains durability and flexibility in both high and low temperatures for long lasting book quality. 

Another big advantage of the perfect bind is that you can also have information printed on the spine.


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