Covid 19 Signage

Covid-19 Signs For Business

We have created these Covid-19 posters which we hope you will find useful helping to protect your staff, clients and suppliers. Our firendly team at Copy Direct are here to help.

The Covid-19 sign pack contains the posters below.

1. Washing your hands regularly and drying (waterproof)
2. Building Access (waterproof)
3. Stop! If you feel unwell (waterproof)
4. Put used tissues in the bin
5. Don't touch your eyes, nose or mouth
6. 1 metre distance
7. Cough or sneeze into your elbow
8. Flu-like symptoms use hand sanitiser
9. Feel Unwell? Tell your supervisor
10. Contactless payment & delivery
11. Leave all deliveries
12. Use hand sanitiser & sign register
13. Stay at least 1 metre
14. Use hand sanitiser, keep safe
15. Wear a face mask.

The Covid-19 sign pack consist of 1 copy of each but there are 2 copies of Poster 1 in pack. So 16 posters in total.

Posters are printed on 200gsm silk card and 3 on waterproof stock.

Poster pricing is below.

A3 Pack $89.00
A4 Pack $69.00

Prices excludes gst.

If you require any of these posters and a specfic quantity please contact our team for a custom quote.

Contact us to discuss your Covid-19 signage pack requirements today.

260pix-p7---Our-A3-ArtWork---Covid-19-Various-Designs 260pix-p13---Our-A3-ArtWork---Covid-19-Various-Designs 260pix-p6---Our-A3-ArtWork---Covid-19-Various-Designs
260pix-p2---Our-A3-ArtWork---Covid-19-Various-Designs 260pix-p3---Our-A3-ArtWork---Covid-19-Various-Designs 260pix-p4---Our-A3-ArtWork---Covid-19-Various-Designs
260pix-p5---Our-A3-ArtWork---Covid-19-Various-Designs 260pix-p8---Our-A3-ArtWork---Covid-19-Various-Designs 260pix-p9---Our-A3-ArtWork---Covid-19-Various-Designs
260pix-p10---Our-A3-ArtWork---Covid-19-Various-Designs 260pix-p14---Our-A3-ArtWork---Covid-19-Various-Designs 260pix-p15---Our-A3-ArtWork---Covid-19-Various-Designs
260pix-p1---Our-A3-ArtWork---Covid-19-Various-Designs 260pix-p12---Our-A3-ArtWork---Covid-19-Various-Designs 260pix-p11---Our-A3-ArtWork---Covid-19-Various-Designs



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