Branded Water Bottles

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Classic Modern Smart Eden Glass Nomad Mirage Metal

Branded Water Bottles to promote your brand


Choices – made Easy for you 

1. Classic Water Bottle - Colour Bottle and Colour lid – 750ml
2. Modern Water Bottle - Colour 700ml Translucent Drink Bottle
3. Smart Water Bottle - Double Walled Technology – 5 colours -  470ml

Promote your Brand with Branded Water Bottles
We have searched the market and come up with the 3 bottles that will work to promote your band better than other bottles available.


Classic Water Bottle

The Classic popular bottle that has been around for years with some new features to make it better.

•    It has a wider mouth style to make it easier to clean. The easier it is to clean and look after, the longer it will promote your brand
•    It has a screw on cap that features the patented X-Stream non drip, self-sealing drinking valve.
•    The bottle is manufactured from BPA Free recyclable food safe polyethylene.
Available ColoursClassic-500x500pix
Bottle and Lids are available in ALL colours
You can mix and match to suite your brand
Silver, Frosted Natural (bottle only), White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Bright Green, Dark Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Black.
Bottle Size
•    750ml
•    H 270mm x W 75mm Diameter
High - Density Polyethylene Plastic
Product Packaging
100 per carton (4.9kgs approx.)

Minimum Quantity: 100


Modern Water Bottle

Affordable 700ml translucent Water bottle that is manufactured from Tritan, which is odour-resistant and BPA-free. It has a secure screw on lid with a carry handle and can be presented in an optional black gift box. This product is not dishwasher safe and handwashing is recommended.

ColoursEclipse Drink Bottle 110460-0
Clear, Orange, Red, Bright Green, Dark Blue, Black.

Bottle Size
•    770ml
•    Dimensions 69mm x H 255mm.

Tritan, which is odour-resistant and BPA-free

Product Packaging
Carton Quantity: 48 pieces
Carton Weight: 5kg

Minimum Quantity: 100


Smart Water Bottle

The bottle that has been designed to create a Better Smarter bottle. It is similar to a traditional wide open cup giving maximum opportunity to clean the bottle. The easier it is to clean and look after, the longer it will promote your brand.

It also has Double Walled Technology that keeps all types of cool drinks cool longer and reduces the condensation not wetting the table it sits on.

•    The double wall technology keeps drinks cold for longer and significantly increases the time it takes ice cubes to melt. 
•    Recyclable 470ml double wall, screw top tumbler with a leak proof flip valve drinking straw.
•    It is manufactured from translucent Tritan which is BPA free and dishwasher safe.Smartwater-500x500pix
Available Colours
Matching Bottle and Lid
Clear, Orange, Red, Bright Green, Blue
Bottle Size
•    470 ml
•    H 178mm x W 102mm Diameter
Product Packaging
Carton Quantity: 25 pieces
Carton Weight: 6kg

Minimum Quantity: 50


New Branded Water Bottles are listed below.


Eden Glass Water Bottle

Sophisticated 600ml borosilicate glass water bottle which has a trendy screw on bamboo lid with a matching braided carry handle. Borosilicate is a lightweight glass that is exceptionally strong and shatter resistant. Glass is a natural choice for a clean, pure taste and it offers a safe and eco-friendly alternative. This product is not intended to be used with carbonated or hot liquids and handwashing is recommended. Wood is a natural material which produces unavoidable variances in the grain pattern, colour and branding.

Dia 65mm x H 238mm.

Branding Options
Pad Print: Bottle - 50mm x 40mm.
Screen Print: Bottle - 180mm x 150mm (one colour).
Imitation Etch: Bottle - 180mm x 150mm.
Laser Engraving: Lid - 35mm x 15mm (side).
Laser Engraving: Lid - 30mm x 10mm (top).

Minimum Quantity: 100


Nomad Water Bottle

Classic 750ml stainless steel Water bottle with the choice of three secure screw on lid styles. An optional carabiner is available for the flip valve lid and the sipper lid. The bottle laser engraves to a stainless steel finish and is BPA free. An optional gift box is available and handwashing is recommended.

Stainless Steel, White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Bright Green, Dark Green, Teal, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Navy, Purple, Black.
Bottle: Dia 70mm x H 270mm.
Gift box: H 295mm x W 76mm x 76mm.

Branding Options
Pad Print: 45mm circle or 22mm x 65mm.
Screen Print: 180mm x 120mm.
Laser Engraving: 30mm circle or 22mm x 90mm.
Rotary Digital Print: 163mm x 224mm.

Minimum Quantity: 100


Mirage Metal Water Bottle

Trendy 700ml stainless steel water bottle with a timeless design and a secure screw on lid. It laser engraves to a stainless steel finish and is BPA free. Mirage can be presented in an optional black gift box and handwashing is recommended.

Silver, White, Yellow, Orange, Red, Bright Green, Teal, Light Blue, Process Blue, Royal Blue, Purple, Black.
Bottle: Dia 73mm x H 257mm.
Gift box: H 295mm x W 76mm x 76mm.

Branding Options
Pad Print: 40mm x 60mm.
Screen Print: 100mm x 200mm (one colour).
Laser Engraving: 90mm x 22mm.
Rotary Digital Print: 100mm x 228mm.

Minimum Quantity: 100

You will be happy with our Branded Water Bottles selected for you, we ONLY supply Quality Water Bottles.

Branded Water Bottles for Promotions and Marketing
To Boost Your Branding

A branded water bottle close at hand is a convenience which keeps staff at their desks, reduces consumption of less healthy beverages and allows people to refill for free rather than pay the retail price of bottled water. With a long life, ease of cleaning and sturdy construction branded drink bottles are cheap to acquire and last for years.

Promotional drink bottles can send lots of beneficial messages. Reusable branded water bottles are a popular way to encourage eco-friendly living practices. Disposable water bottles create a lot of waste. Reusable drink bottles can be refilled again and again with fresh clean water, while creating absolutely no waste at all.

With today's water filters, it's easy to recreate the quality of bottled water right from the tap. With a handy reusable water bottle, there's no excuse for tossing plastic into the trash anymore. Increase your company's proud green image with custom branded drink bottles for both employees and customers.

There are lots of health benefits to drinking adequate amounts of water. While branded water bottles are often associated with athletic events, almost anyone can benefit from increasing their water intake. Employees in an office setting will find that drinking plenty of water each day helps them feel more energised, awake, and productive. Small cups at the water cooler don't last very long. Larger drink bottles provide fresh cold water at the desk for hours. When you're selecting the design of your branded drink bottles, consider where they'll be used most and look for a design that will accommodate the user easily.

We have convenient branded drink bottles in lots of different designs and materials. Aluminium, stainless steel, BPA-free plastic, and metal are just some of the options. Many bottles have comfort grips that are great for hiking or other outdoor activities. Spouts are available in straw-like shapes, open drinking spouts, and traditional push-top caps.

We have lots of options with carabiner clips for convenience on the road. With a carrying clip, your promotional water and drink bottles can be attached to a bag, purse, backpack, or belt so it's always on hand whether they're on the way to school or out on a big camping trip.

If you want branded water bottles with a little something extra, we have lots of unique options that will make a big impression. If you're looking for branded drink bottles with class, we have several glass water bottles that are perfect for executive use in the office, or an elegant table in the restaurant. Sports teams and sports events benefit from the use of branded drink bottles by providing a consist look and message that reinforce their brand standards.

All of our promotional branded water bottles are easily customised with your promotional printing of logo and messaging. Most options are available in several different colours. Whether you're looking for sleek black, crystal clear, refreshing blue or bright red, there's a drink bottle for you. With your promotional printing right on the bottle, your logo and company name will be sure to hit the road with your customers.

Encourage healthy living, ample hydration, and eco-friendly lifestyle changes all in one fell swoop with this easily customised giveaway. Branded water bottles are great in conference bags, on trade show tables, or as special employee gifts for use around the office and for sport teams.




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