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Crash Lock Boxes

Crash Lock Boxes

Crash Lock Packaging is one of the most efficient forms of packaging assembly. Crash lock boxes can result in cost and time savings for a huge range of product packing situations.

Crash lock boxes that not only save time and money, but also offer printing high performance and durability.

The boxes can be quickly and easily assembled into the finished box with minimal assembly. This ensures that, for the end user, a large number of crash lock boxes can be assembled quickly, consistently and reliably, reducing both time and the associated costs.

Advantages of crash lock boxes are:

Easy assembly for cost & time reductions
Supplied flat packed for savings on storage space
Strong, stable and secure
Low or high order volumes

How Crash Lock Boxes Work

Crash lock boxes are designed in such a way that when the opposite corners are pushed towards each other, the base will automatically lock together to create a secure and rigid bottom to the container.

The clever design of crash lock boxes ensures that even though they are pre-glued, they can be supplied flat for the end user to assemble in one swift, easy action. This has the additional benefit of reducing the risk of RSI for packing operatives.

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